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Title HAZARDOUS WASTE MANAGEMENT (IMPLEMENTATION) Code SHE-146 NQF Level 3 Objectives Understanding of toxic and hazardous waste management (THWM) planning, Understanding of the integration of the THWM plan into the Integrated Solid Waste Management (SWM) plans Capacity to prepare and implement governance THWM plans. Understanding of the Environmental Governance principles and challenges as well as an overview and basic knowledge of THW definition, sources, properties, its health and environmental impact and its legal and policy framework. Content Introduction and THWM Overview THW management in SWM Assessment of THW management practices Key Elements of a LGU THW Management Plan Workshop: Defining LGU Options and Next Steps  Governance Challenges in Managing THW  Fundamentals of THW  Common Toxic and Hazardous Substances from Industry, Potential  Health Effects, Legal and Policy Framework  Toxic and Hazardous Waste Management Process Wastewater management.  THWM situational analysis and THW assessment Waste Chacterisation Process THW Management Plan  THWM Advocacy and Information Education  THWM disaster Management  Engineering, Technology Options and Possible Investments  Auditing and Monitoring THWM Compliance  THWM Costs and Financing  THWM Organization and Administration Duration 5 Days Mode of Instruction Direct, face to face facilitation of learning supporting participants during the learning process using; Prepared learning material Group exercises Individual exercises Practical exercises Audio visuals aids Assessment Tools Knowledge Questionnaire Observation Sheets Candidates Reports on various Aspects Interviews and class presentations  
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